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guerilla marketing easy and inexpensive strategies for - when guerrilla marketing was first published in 1983 jay levinson revolutionized marketing strategies for the small business owner with his take no prisoners approach to finding clients, 50 guerrilla marketing tactics you should be using - if you ve been following this website for a while you ve seen our two articles on guerrilla marketing tactics you should be using there was 24 and then another, 21 kick ass offline marketing ideas - don t miss the 21 offline marketing ideas listed below it s easy to believe innovation and results can only be driven digitally but some of the best advertising and marketing takes place away in the physical world the best marketing strategy will combine offline marketing with various digital, home business alliance home business work from home - free trial offer business opportunity watch unbiased reviews of home business opportunities etc include the following how2franchise rodney hindmarsh review of how to become a franchise consultant lifetime enterprises corporate raider marion field field management services fms jim hunt james sheridan geraldine roberts internet auctions in reverse asset protection specialist, guerrilla warfare strategy and tactics britannica com - mao s political goal was the communist takeover of china guerrilla warfare alone he realized could not achieve this but in a prolonged war it was an indispensable weapon particularly in holding off the enemy chinese and japanese until orthodox armies could take to the field mao s guerrilla campaign of over two decades stressed the flexible tactics based on surprise and deception, marketing warfare quickmba accounting business law - a summary of al ries jack trout s marketing bestseller marketing warfare the marketing concept states that a firm s goal should be to identify and profitably satisfy customer needs, 10 wild and crazy marketing ideas that worked slideshow - the art of getting attention any small business knows that marketing expenditures are hard to justify the most cost effective marketing is an idea that can be spread by word of mouth, 35 best medical marketing ideas for your practice 2018 - there are many methods for marketing a medical practice including search engine marketing social media blogs direct mail and more to make it easier we spoke to the experts to find the 35 best ideas for medical marketing