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why join a church ovrlnd com - scripture makes abundantly clear that we are to be members of a local church kenneth kantzer why join a church why should i join the church despite my seminary training and pastoral experience i was unprepared for this new christian s question, the reformed churches confess infant baptism the heidelblog - if i understand your article correctly it is the doctrine of infant baptism that defines reformed theology in other words if you don t accept infant baptism then you are not reformed, doctrine frequently asked questions the lutheran - baptism faqs what is the lutheran view of baptism and its purpose does baptism save who can be godparents sponsors how does faith play a role in infant baptism, religion in the united kingdom diversity trends and decline - the primary social research tool in britain is the british social attitudes survey an annual mini census in 2009 no religion was stated by 50 7 of the uk population 1 comprehensive professional research in 2006 by tearfund found that two thirds 66 32 2 million people in the uk have no connection with any religion or church 3 a figure which meshes perfectly with another poll in the, a guide to catholic baptism about catholics - baptism is the first of seven sacraments and the way in which a person becomes a member of the catholic church who can receive a catholic baptism anyone who has not already been baptized can receive the sacrament of baptism in the catholic church