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extremist shiites the ghulat sects contemporary issues - extremist shiites the ghulat sects contemporary issues in the middle east hardcover matti moosa on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers, sunnis and shiites my webspace files - the major split in islam is that between the majority sunnis and the minority shiites the split goes back to events in the 7th century after mohammed s death in 632 leadership of the islamic community passed to abu bakr as siddiq one of mohammed s closest companions, violent extremist or political candidate in pakistan - pakistani courts have cleared a number of candidates to run in national elections this month despite their ties to extremism and their inclusion on terrorism watch lists, radicals extremists campaign ahead of pakistan elections - in this monday july 9 2018 photo supporters of pakistani radical religious and sectarian groups protest outside the office of the pakistan electronic media regulatory authority demanding that their election campaigns to be aired by media channels in islamabad pakistan, saudi arabia s crown prince wants to crush extremists - jamal khashoggi is a saudi journalist and author last week before an enthusiastic crowd at an investment conference saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman looked angry when he vowed to crush, muslims condemn isis boko haram declare jihad against the - wednesday 18 march 2015 27 jumada al awwal 1436 in the name of allah the god the most merciful the most forgiver assalamualaykum peace be upon you, the world s muslims religion politics and society pew - sharia sharia or islamic law offers moral and legal guidance for nearly all aspects of life from marriage and divorce to inheritance and contracts to criminal punishments, saudi arabia executes dozens of prisoners including al - protesters holding a banner saying death is normal to us and our dignity from god is martyrdom take part in a protest against the execution of saudi shi ite cleric nimr al nimr by saudi, saudi arabia wants to return to moderate islam skeptics - when saudi arabian crown prince mohammed bin salman announced tuesday that he wanted the kingdom to return to moderate islam not everyone was convinced on the face of it the statement, a short history of islamism newsweek com - a hundred years of an idea that is shaking the world a muslim woman is silhouetted during prayer services at a mosque in marikina city philippines september 14 2012, iraq conflict isis militants post grisly images of mass - the grisly images could further sharpen sectarian tensions as hundreds of shiites heed a call from their most revered spiritual leader to take up arms against the sunni militants who have swept, alwaght news analysis website - alwaght news and analysis website aims to scientifically and methodologically explore the international political developments and significant news, armed men raid iran s embassy in london zero hedge - four men dressed in black attacked the iranian embassy in london minutes ago menacing the staffers with weapons and taking down the iranian flag according to iran s press tv a britain based shiite religious group was behind the stunt twitter footage showed the men on the balcony of the embassy, a timeline and history of the arabs piero scaruffi - see also a timeline of the near east see also a timeline of the persians see also a timeline of the xiongnu see also a timeline of the turks see also a timeline of the recent middle east 1500 bc the first kaaba shrine is founded in mecca 853bc first reference to arabs in an assyrian inscription 106 ad rome destroys the nabatean kingdom of petra jordan, finland ruling elite political meltdown over halla aho - jussi halla aho s rise to finns party leader has sparked heated debate about what kind of role the finns will play in government or whether the current coalition can continue at all prime minister sipil has called a monday morning meeting with leaders of all governing parties the aim is to discuss the future of the three party coalition and hear out the newly elected finns party chair